Meet The 7-Year-Old Who Makes History As First African American To Win Miss Tiny Princess Of America

by Gee NY

In a historic moment for the pageant world, seven-year-old Paris Simone Sherra Epps shattered barriers in 2023 by becoming the first African American to clinch the national title of Tiny Miss Princess of America.

Hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Paris Epps is the daughter of Dr. Shavonda Pannell and Wilis Epps, and the granddaughter of Anthony and Valonda Pannell.

She comes from a lineage of trailblazers, with her great grandfather, ‘King Arthur’ Pannell, being a pioneering entrepreneur and restaurateur in the Tulsa community.

Aside from winning the prestigious national title, Epps also secured divisional titles for Casual Wear and Activewear, and earned accolades as the second runner-up for most Photogenic.

She further impressed judges with her charm, winning awards for Best Interview, Best Smile, and Miss Personality.

Expressing her joy on social media, Dr. Pannell, Epps’ mother, shared her pride in her daughter’s achievements, describing her as “Tulsa’s Sweetheart” and commending her for making history.

Reflecting on her victory, Epps took to Instagram to express her gratitude and excitement, reminiscing about the support she received from friends and loved ones during the crowning moment.

She also shared her plans to use her platform, “Paris to the Rescue,” to raise awareness and support adoption efforts for rescue animals.

As Tiny Miss Princess of America, Epps will embark on a journey of service, representing the pageant organization nationwide while advocating for her chosen cause. Alongside her crown and title, she has been awarded a range of prizes, including a cash scholarship, travel opportunities, and sponsored gifts.

Epps’ groundbreaking achievement serves as an inspiration and a testament to the power of determination and representation in breaking down barriers and reshaping perceptions in the pageant world.

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