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by Yah Yah
Taylor Travels

Beauty Youtuber/ Travel Vlogger and Flight Attendant, Taylor Hobbs has a busy schedule juggling her awesome job at a mainline airline as well as being a Brand Ambassador for hair fiber brand, Toyokalon. It’s not easy traveling the globe at a moments notice and dishing out hair and beauty tips along the way. Being fabulous doesn’t come easy and yet, she does all this without losing an ounce of glam!

We asked Taylor for her top 3 essentials that she cannot travel without!

Here are Taylor’s picks:

Portable Charger

“As a flight attendant, I am always on the go. Some days I do not have time to stop and charge my phone in the terminal, and some of our planes do not even have chargers! If you are anything like me, I always find a way to leave the house with my phone on 39%. So I always make sure I have some portable charger in my purse before I go on any trip.”

Hand Cream (Specifically, Bath & Body Works $4 Hand Cream)
“I have naturally dry skin, and being on a plan 4-5 days a week does not help. Bath and Body Works has some amazing, and not too overpowering, scents in a perfect size bottle that makes it easy to throw in any bag and take with me.”

Nausea Medicine

“Getting airsick is a thing that can happen to anyone. It used to happen to me a lot when I started working a little over a year ago. The last thing I want to be doing is serving food and drinks while feeling nauseous. It is terrible. I always keep a few in my purse for those days my stomach is not cooperating, and I thank myself every time.”

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