Serena Williams’ Look Is Being Put Through The Wringer Again! This Time Critics Accuse Her Of Skin-Bleaching

by Gee NY
Serena Williams accused of skin bleaching

Serena Williams, known for her dominance on the tennis court, is facing renewed scrutiny over her appearance, with social media critics accusing her of skin bleaching and cosmetic surgeries.

Amid preparations for the Vogue World Show during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, Williams shared a behind-the-scenes TikTok video, offering fans a glimpse into her makeup routine.

Dressed in black with honey blond, straightened hair peeking from under her hoodie, Williams explained:

“I just did my own makeup,” aiming for a “young, hip, and fresh” look.

However, the video sparked a storm of comments questioning changes in her appearance.

Critics pointed to her complexion and hairstyle changes, with one user commenting:

“This woman looks totally different,” and another suggesting a subconscious desire to alter her identity.

Defenders countered that the effects were due to lighting, with one fan writing:

“It’s the bright lights people..CALM DOWN..she is beautiful.”


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Others praised her natural appearance in a subsequent video.

Williams, no stranger to public scrutiny, previously addressed societal standards of beauty, advocating for confidence in one’s natural appearance.

Despite the mixed reactions to her makeup choices, her actual runway appearance garnered praise for its elegance and glamour.

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