Ailing Wendy Williams Takes Off Wig In Shocking Scene- ” My Real Name Is Wendy Hunter”

by Grace Somes
Wendy Williams || Image credit: @therealwendywilliamsonline

Wendy Williams revealed her real name after taking off her wig for the first time on camera during her emotional reunion with Blac Chyna.

Wendy Wiliams has been making headlines in recent years for her erratic behavior and substance abuse issues.

In the new Lifetime documentary “Where is Wendy Williams?”, everything happening to the former TV host comes to light, including her alcoholism and a variety of health issues.

The painful scenes from the star’s life after her show was canceled in 2022 and she was placed under court guardianship are all captured on camera.

However, there are also deeply moving moments. In one, Wendy Williams takes off her signature wig while talking to her friend Blac Chyna.

The second unsettling since was captured after Blac Chyna bares her heart out to the host of the Wendy Williams Show. After telling Williams how much she loves her because of the motherly and positive impact she’s had in her life since they met, the former TV Queen seemed momentarily disconcerted as she responded with a non sequitur.

“My real name is Wendy Hunter. Yup. And I’m divorced. He’s got no money,” she fiercely tells Blac Chyna, looking deeply into her eyes.

The scene is filled with goosebumps as Wendy and Chyna go momentarily silent before Chyna breaks the tension with an ” “I love you.”

The TV personality, who had regained herself, responded, “So do I,” as a concerned Chyna leaned in for a warm embrace.

Wendy Williams’ team announced Thursday that she was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia and aphasia, the same condition that Bruce Willis has.

The former TV host has also been diagnosed with lymphedema, a condition that causes swelling in her feet, and Graves’ disease, an autoimmune disease that can cause bulging eyes.

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