NFL Teams Up With Talented Artist Tahj Williams For The Super Bowl LIX Logo

by Gee NY
Tahj Williams

The NFL has announced an exciting partnership with talented artist Tahj Williams from New Orleans for the upcoming Super Bowl LIX, set to take place in the vibrant city next year.

Williams, renowned for her expertise in traditional beadwork and cultural expression, has been selected to design the official logo for the highly anticipated sporting event.

In a groundbreaking move, the NFL has chosen to collaborate with Williams, also known as the “queen” of her Black Masking Indian tribe, to infuse the Super Bowl LIX logo with the rich heritage and vibrant colors of New Orleans.

Williams’ artwork will feature intricate beadwork, vibrant hues, and iconic symbols, including the Super Bowl number and the revered Vince Lombardi trophy, all adorned with the distinctive fleur de lis emblem—a nod to the city’s cultural legacy.

As a cultural ambassador deeply connected to her community, Williams brings a unique perspective to the Super Bowl logo design.

Her artistry pays homage to the centuries-old Black Masking Indian tradition, which honors the intersection of Native American and African American cultures in the quest for freedom.

Through her artwork, Williams celebrates the resilience and diversity of New Orleans’ cultural heritage.

With Super Bowl LIX scheduled to take place at the renowned Caesars Superdome on February 9, 2025, the NFL’s collaboration with Tahj Williams signifies the league’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and the celebration of local artistry.

As the countdown to game day begins, Williams’ captivating logo is a powerful symbol of the city’s enduring spirit and creative vitality, ensuring that the Super Bowl experience is infused with the vibrant culture of New Orleans!

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