Candace Owens’ Former Employers, Daily Wire, Obtains A Gag Order Against Her

by Gee NY
Candace Owens || Image credit: @therealcandaceowens

Former employers of Candace Owens have obtained a gag order against her, despite ongoing negotiations for a public debate about Israel and antisemitism, according to recent reports.

The conservative news and commentary outlet, Daily Wire, sought the gag order against Owens through a private arbitrator after she departed from the company in March, reports the New York Post.

This move came as co-founder Ben Shapiro publicly expressed interest in debating Owens on the aforementioned topics.

While Shapiro and Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing were discussing the terms of the debate with Owens, the gag order was quietly approved, as revealed by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald in his Locals newsletter.

Although Boreing disputed the accuracy of Greenwald’s report, stating that the issues with Owens were being resolved privately, the gag order reportedly prevents Owens from making any comments that could disparage Daily Wire or harm its reputation.

According to Greenwald, the arbitrator sided with Daily Wire, deeming Owens’ social media posts challenging Shapiro and questioning his views on Israel as “disparaging.”

Owens, when approached for comment, stated that she “can neither confirm nor deny” the report, expressing her inability to comment further on the matter.

Before leaving Daily Wire, Owens was one of the site’s prominent hosts, known for her advocacy as a black conservative and her “BLEXIT” campaign.

However, her criticism of Israel’s military response to Hamas attacks in October 2021 led to public disagreements with Shapiro, an avid supporter of Israel.

Despite Boreing’s previous assurance that Owens’ job was secure despite differing views, Daily Wire eventually parted ways with her, citing her vocal criticisms of Israel and views on antisemitism as incompatible with the company’s policies.

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