Angela Simmons Flaunts Her Stunning Natural Body In Bikini Shots On St. Lucian Vacation. Check Them Out

by Gee NY
Angel Simmons

In a series of posts on Instagram at the picturesque retreat to St. Lucia, Angela Simmons has been captivating fans with her stunning bikini shots.

In the IG posts, the reality star seems to be celebrating her natural curves and radiance.

Simmons, known for her unabashed embrace of body positivity, graced the social media platform with a carousel of photos and videos from her tranquil getaway at the Stonefield Villa Resort on April 30.

Dressed in an alluring black one-piece swimsuit, Simmons exudes confidence as she luxuriates amidst the lush surroundings of the St. Lucian resort.

Her curly tresses cascade effortlessly as she immerses herself in the serenity of the villa, basking in the warmth of the sun and the embrace of nature.

Fans flocked to shower Simmons with praise for her authentic portrayal of self-love and acceptance. Comments poured in, lauding her for promoting natural beauty and eschewing the pressures of unrealistic beauty standards perpetuated on social media.

“Love that she embraces her natural body and doesn’t feel the need to filter herself!” one admirer exclaimed.

“Natural bodies for the win!” echoed another.

Acknowledging Simmons’ role in fostering body positivity, one fan commended her for being a beacon of confidence and empowerment.

“She gave me so much confidence with my body because we’re built similar! I will forever love this Queen!” the fan expressed.

Simmons, no stranger to embracing her curves, has a history of championing body positivity on social media.

In 2022, she celebrated her thick thighs with unfiltered swimsuit photos from the Matte Collection runway show during Miami Swim Week, igniting a wave of support and admiration.

Beyond her advocacy for body positivity, Simmons also shares her journey into veganism and promotes her brand, Angela’s Cakes, a line of vegan pancake, waffle, and funnel cake mixes.

Rooted in her passion for health and wellness, Angela’s Cakes offers a nostalgic indulgence for those craving sweet treats without compromising their dietary choices.

Reflecting on her entrepreneurial venture, Simmons expressed her dedication to projects that resonate with her values. “Angela’s Cakes is something that matters to me. It’s a part of me and who I am,” she shared with Forbes.

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