Danielle Banks: Woman Struggling With Drug Addiction Meets Tragic End Over $65 Debt Owed Alleged Killers

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In a horrifying and tragic incident, 29-year-old Danielle Banks of Harvey, Illinois, met a gruesome end over a $65 debt owed to her alleged killers.

The once vibrant and lively woman, known for her big smile and love for singing, had unfortunately become entangled in a life marked by drug addiction.

Banks’s body was discovered on December 9, 2023, in the suburban city of Riverdale. The details of her demise are nothing short of harrowing, as reports from Chicago media reveal that she was not only stabbed and beaten severely but also set on fire.

Her father, who shared the heartbreaking account of his daughter’s struggles with drugs, lamented the tragic turn her life had taken.

“When she decided to live that life that’s when things got bad,” he said, acknowledging the challenges that come with addiction.

Despite the difficulties, Banks would regularly reach out to her father, sharing the tumultuous events of her life.

Police swiftly took action in the investigation, leading to the arrest of three suspects charged with first-degree murder in connection with Banks’ death.

The accused individuals are identified as Scotty Jobe-Scott, 30, Keith Bassett, 55, and Latoya Laramore-Milons, 39.

Danielle Banks

The motive behind this heinous crime, as revealed by Banks’s father, was a meager $65 debt that allegedly led to her brutal murder.

The shocking details presented in court further unveiled the disturbing circumstances surrounding her death.

Prosecutors disclosed that Laramore-Milons had a song titled “Killing the Rats” on her phone, which was played during the incident to drown out the sounds of Banks’s screams as she endured the fatal attack.

Additionally, prosecutors highlighted that Laramore-Milons had conducted online searches related to “murder and burned body” prior to the gruesome event.

The entire community is left in shock and sorrow as they grapple with the senseless brutality that unfolded over a small debt.

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