Tracey Collins: Get To Know NYC Mayor Eric Adams Private Partner’s Journey And Contributions

by Gee NY

In the whirlwind of New York City politics, Mayor Eric Adams stands as a prominent figure. Yet, alongside him, largely hidden from the public eye, is Tracey Collins, his steadfast partner.

While Adams navigates the spotlight, Collins leads a more private life, quietly making her mark. Here’s a closer look at the woman beside the mayor:

Adams and Collins maintain a low-key relationship, shielded from the public gaze. Their discretion stems from Adams’ desire to safeguard his family from the scrutiny of his high-profile career.

While Adams asserts his primary residence in Brooklyn, he shares a home in Fort Lee, New Jersey, with Collins.

Despite speculation, Adams emphasizes his commitment to Brooklyn while cherishing their New Jersey abode.

Collins serves as a school administrator in the New York City Department of Education, demonstrating her dedication to shaping young minds.

Known for her tireless work ethic, Collins’ devotion to her job inspires those around her.

Although the couple maintains a low profile, they occasionally step into the public eye together. Notably, they attended the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2023, offering a glimpse into their supportive partnership.

Adams and Collins embarked on a joint journey to veganism, prioritizing their health and well-being. Their shared lifestyle change underscored their mutual support and dedication to one another.

Despite her private nature, Collins is a published author and founder of a nonprofit organization focused on social-emotional education.

Her contributions to literature and community welfare highlight her multifaceted talents.

While Mayor Adams commands attention on the political stage, Tracey Collins quietly influences lives behind the scenes, leaving an indelible mark on her community and beyond.

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