Ashanti’s Ex Joyner Lucas Confirms Her Pregnancy: ‘I Know How Much She Wanted To Be A Mom’

by Grace Somes
Nelly, Ashanti and Joyner Lucas || Image credit: @ashanti @joynerlucas

Joyner Lucas dishes on dating Ashanti for two years before they broke up because he couldn’t give her what she wanted.

Joyner Lucas has finally spoken out regarding reports that he and Ashanti are dating in 2020. The rumors first surfaced when the two collaborated on the rapper’s “Fall Slowly” music video.

In an interview that debuted on Wednesday, April 10, The Jason Lee Podcast, the Massachusetts native talked about his past relationship with the “Foolish” singer before she reconciled with Nelly the previous year.

“I don’t talk about it—I’m a private person—but I will say she is an amazing person. I’m happy for her, you know, she’s about to have a baby. And I’m just excited. I know how much she wanted to be a mom.

“We had those conversations. And it’s just like I wasn’t at a place in my life where I wanted that. I mean at that time. We talked about a lot of sh*t,” Lucas disclosed.

Speaking about what led to their breakup, the “Ross Capicchioni” hitmaker revealed that he already had children and that his career was just starting.

“I knew what she wanted and what she needed. I don’t feel like I could have fulfilled that at that time,” Lucas continued. “You know, Ashanti had been in the game for 25 years and I just got in the game. I know what she wanted and she needed but I wasn’t at that place in my life that I could commit to that.”

Joyner Lucas had only good words to say about Ashanti despite not being in her life anymore. He even admits that he was in love with her.

“But I’m happy she got away. I’m happy that she ended up going to spin the block with Nelly. And now she’s having a baby. I’m super proud of her… I’m super happy for her. She’s going to be an amazing mum.”

Lucas added, “Yeah, I would say I loved her. Yeah, for sure. She’s an easy person to fall in love with. She’s dope—super dope.”

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