Will Naptural 85 Say Goodbye To Sponsored Hair Product Videos? Fans Vote! | @Nap85

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Veteran Beauty Vlogger and Natural Hair Enthusiast Naptural 85 has been doing this for a long time and has opened the doors for many of our favorite Naturalistas. The rise in partnerships between bloggers and brands has been phenomenal, but this has proven to be both a blessing and a curse for established YouTubers. These unions have not only raised the profile of the bloggers and brands alike, but they have also begun to develop a climate of distrust amongst their fans, with many questioning exactly how honest a review could be if the reviewer is receiving cash, perks or even both?

Naptural 85 is leaving it up to fans to vote on whether or not she continues to do sponsored hair product videos and even seems to defend her humble lifestyle in parts of the video.

Well, I vote "yes". Many of us rely on Youtubers to highlight new products for us. I'm not going to stand in the way of any Black woman providing us with new ways to keep our natural hair healthy and how to rock it with flair! I have two teenage girls under this roof who think it's "uncool" to take hair and beauty tips from their mother now and enjoy watching these dope, passionate Black women do their thing on Youtube! We can spot insincerity a mile off, but Whitney aka Naptural 85 is one of the realest we have!

Keep doing ya thing, sis!