Beyoncé Reveals Her ‘Thick,’ ‘Long’ Natural Hair For Cécred Wash Day!

by Grace Somes
Beyoncé's natural hair || Image credit: @beyonce

Beyoncé, in a scarce and unique moment, shared with us a glimpse of her natural hair texture, a sight that has been shielded from the public for so long due to the wig-wearing stigma.

Beyoncé shows fans her long natural hair and reveals her Sunday wash day routine using Cécred products in a new video posted to social media.

The Grammy winner usually wears a stunningly beautiful platinum blonde wig that spans from mid-back to mid-calf, making it easy to forget that she has incredibly gorgeous, long hair underneath that wig. 

Beyoncé, who recently released her Cécred hair care brand, explained that she wanted to share her routine after watching her fans’ videos using her products.

 “I just had to join in with something I had in the archives 🥰,” Beyoncé captioned the Instagram post.

“Maintaining 25 years of blonde on natural hair through all the experimenting I do has played a huge part in developing @cecred’s products. It’s the hardest to keep. It’s color-treated hair that is healthy and strong, but @cecred is here. All quality, with NO shortcuts. Congratulations to the entire CÉCRED team for contributing to developing award-winning products. 💕”

In the clip, the 42-year-old singer of “Texas Hold ‘Em” sits in a chair in a salon while a stylist starts washing her hair. Beyoncé narrates the video as she follows her exacting regimen.

She starts the video by saying, “Now that Cécred is known for the quality and what it does for your hair, I think it’s about time I show y’all what it does for my hair.”

Beyoncé also addressed criticism directed toward her own hair, stating, “People who wear wigs are stereotyped as not having long, healthy hair.”That’s a bunch of bullsh*t since it’s none of your business.”

After months of anticipation, Beyoncé Cécred is officially available worldwide to fans and beauty lovers.

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