Tragic End: College Student’s Dismembered Body Found After Her First Date

by Gee NY
College Student Sade Robinson's Dismembered Body Found After Her First Date

Sade Robinson, a 19-year-old Milwaukee resident with dreams of a career in criminal justice, met a grim fate after what should have been an ordinary outing.

Excited about the prospects of her future, Sade’s vibrant spirit left a lasting impact on those who knew her, her family revealed in a heartfelt GoFundMe campaign set up to honor her memory.

“Sade’s absence has left an irreplaceable void in the hearts of her family, friends, and the entire community,” the GoFundMe page reads, reflecting the collective grief felt over her tragic loss.

As of Monday, April 22, the GoFundMe has received $59,324 in donations, significantly exceeding the $30,000 target.

Described as outgoing and cheerful by her former colleagues, Sade’s sudden disappearance sent shockwaves through her workplace when she failed to show up for her shift at a local pizza restaurant.

Concern grew rapidly among her coworkers, who knew her as someone reliable and dedicated to her responsibilities.

The events leading up to Sade’s disappearance unfolded on April 1, 2024, when she planned a date with Maxwell Anderson, a 33-year-old acquaintance.

Witnesses later reported seeing the pair engaging in a casual conversation at a local seafood spot, setting the stage for a seemingly routine evening.

However, the following day, alarm bells rang as Sade failed to appear for work, prompting a flurry of concern from her colleagues. Police inquiries and community searches ensued, revealing unsettling clues that hinted at a grim turn of events.

Sade’s burned-out car, discovered with remnants of her belongings, marked the beginning of a harrowing trail of evidence that led investigators to uncover more disturbing discoveries.

Pieces of her dismembered body, including a leg and foot, were found in separate locations, painting a grim picture of her fate.

Maxwell Anderson, identified as the last person seen with Sade, now faces charges of first-degree homicide, mutilation of a corpse, and arson.

While he maintains his innocence, authorities are determined to seek justice for Sade and her grieving loved ones.

Sade’s mother, Sheena Scarbrough, sees Anderson’s arrest as a step towards closure, albeit a tragic one.

Yet, as the investigation unfolds, questions linger about whether Anderson’s alleged crimes extend beyond this one tragic incident, leaving the community on edge as they grapple with the loss of a promising young life.

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