Author Joan T. Randall’s ‘Bags in the Attic’ Wins First Place at 2024 BookFest Awards

by Gee NY
Joan T Randall is an International Speaker, Award-Winning Multi Best-Selling Author, Business Coach, and Independent Publisher.

Joan T. Randall, author of “Bags in the Attic: A Mother’s Courageous Journey of Escaping Abuse and Evoking the Will to Survive the Odds,” has been awarded the gold medal for First Place at The BookFest Awards Spring 2024.

The book, recognized in the categories of Memoirs – Personal and Self-HelpTransformation, highlights a powerful narrative of overcoming adversity.

The BookFest Awards, dedicated to honoring authors who craft exceptional works of fiction and nonfiction, celebrates literature’s transformative impact.

Desireé Duffy, the Founder of The BookFest, emphasized the vital role authors play in shaping society through their stories.

Joan T. Randall expressed gratitude for the recognition, stating, “Being selected as a winner of The BookFest Awards is an incredible honor.

This book tells the story of the resilience of my daughters and the role they played in saving my life. I hope this award will inspire others to pursue their own literary passions.”

Desireé Duffy commended Joan for her outstanding achievement, highlighting the exceptional quality of this year’s competition.

For more details about The BookFest Awards and the list of winners, visit the Awards Page on The BookFest website.

To watch the Salute to The BookFest Award Winners video montage or access recordings of The BookFest videos, visit the Programming Page of The BookFest Website.

Joan T. Randall is the founder of Victorious You Press, an award-winning independent publisher, speaker, and multi-best-selling author.

With a mission to empower career professionals and entrepreneurs, Joan transforms stories into impactful tools for influence. Her remarkable work has earned her international recognition, and she has been featured on major networks.

Joan holds certificates in Women’s Entrepreneurship, Homiletics, and Christian Leadership.

She resides in Charlotte, NC, and is a proud mother and grandmother.

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