Black and Missing: Help Us Find Aisha Janea Bethune

by Shine My Crown Staff

UPDATED 5/11, 10:19 pm. ET

The mother of Aisha Janea Bethune has confirmed that she has been located and is safe.

This week, we’re asking for your help finding Aisha Janea Bethune.

Aisha was last seen at the Chevron Gas Station located at 191 Sam Houston Pkwy, East, on April 3, 2022.

She is 19. Aisha Bethune is 5’4″ and weighs 290 pounds.

“She had just got off a work at three o’clock in the morning,” her father, Derrick Bethune, told FOX 26. “She woke up about 11:30, and I say, ‘babe I’m going to go wash clothes,’ and she asked me if I had her work pants and stuff like that. I know she told me she had an appointment at 4:30 in the evening to go to a shop, which is off North Sam Houston Parkway.”

Aisha’s mother. Teresa Bethune tells Black & Missing that she was on the phone with Aisha as she was pumping gas. It is not known whether Aisha ever left the gas station. Teresa has not seen or heard from her daughter since they ended the call, but they say they have been receiving “mysterious” calls from Aisha’s phone. 

Even more troubling, a voicemail was left on her phone by an unidentified male.

“Hey dog, check it out. You can (explicit) up a family, I will (explicit) up one, too. So you wanna [muffled words] pick your battles, bro. Don’t play with me, dog. (explicit) find somebody to play with, I ain’t the one. You better leave her alone before I pop your top (explicit), peeeeace,” the recording, listened to by Fox 26, states.

The family has tried to get the authorities to issue her mobile phone service provider, Cricket Wireless, to allow them access to her phone log, but they will not due to privacy laws.

Information regarding this case can also be directed to CrimeStoppers at 713.222.TIPS or contact the Harris County Sheriff’s Office at 713-755-7427. You can also submit a tip to Black and Missing here.

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