Photos Capture Sasha And Malia Obama Casually Roaming The Cold Streets Of New York

by Gee NY

Over the weekend, Sasha and Malia Obama, the daughters of former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, were spotted in the West Village of New York City, enjoying a casual outing despite the rainy weather.

DailyMail shared exclusive photos of Sasha, 22, who, despite the unexpected rain, sported a white crop top paired with black low-rise sweatpants, yellow and black New Balance sneakers, and a maroon bag.

In contrast, Malia, 25, opted for a more weather-appropriate attire, wearing a long-sleeved gray sweater, light-washed baggy jeans, and chunky black boots. Malia covered herself with a long black trench coat to shield from the raindrops.

The sisters were accompanied by friends as they explored Manhattan.

The Obama sisters, who currently reside on the West Coast, have been navigating adulthood together as sisters, roommates, and best friends.

Their living arrangement was revealed by their mother, Michelle Obama, during a 2022 interview on “Today with Hoda and Jenna.”

Michelle Obama expressed pride in seeing her daughters supporting each other and being each other’s best friends.

She highlighted how their shared experiences during their eight years in the limelight, while their father was President, brought them closer.

Despite no longer residing in the White House, Sasha and Malia continue to attract attention from paparazzi during their everyday activities.

Recently, social media users criticized tabloids for what they deemed as “stalking” the Obama sisters, emphasizing the disparity in coverage compared to other children of former or current U.S. Presidents.

While the paparazzi presence remains uncontrollable, Sasha and Malia have successfully maintained a low-profile lifestyle, only drawing attention when spotted outside.

The Obama sisters’ ability to balance a normal life while being part of a high-profile family underscores their commitment to privacy and their close bond as siblings.

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