Rev. Dorothy Sanders: Meet The Woman Who’s Made History As Episcopal Diocese Of Mississippi’s First Female And Black Bishop

by Gee NY

In a historic move for the Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi, Reverend Dr. Dorothy Sanders Wells has been selected as its first female and first Black bishop.

The decision marks a significant moment in the religious landscape of the state.

Originally hailing from Mobile, Alabama, Rev. Wells journeyed to Memphis to pursue her education at Rhodes College and the University of Memphis.

Presently, she serves as the Rector for Saint George’s Episcopal Church in Germantown, where she has found great honor in her service.

Reflecting on her appointment, Rev. Wells humbly shared her sentiments, noting the importance of listening and being guided by faith.

She described the decision-making process as one filled with prayer and discernment, seeking clarity on whether accepting the bishop position aligned with God’s plan for her.

“God was telling me that yes, I want you to go through this process. So, I thought that no matter what, I will go as a faith leader, and I will grow as a Christian from having to go through the process. So, since the Lord seems to be urging me to get through this process, I’ll do it,” said Wells.

While acknowledging the significance of her role as the first woman and Black bishop, Rev. Wells remains steadfast in her commitment to fulfilling God’s calling.

She expressed eagerness to embark on her new journey and to engage with the Episcopal community in Mississippi, emphasizing the importance of understanding and walking alongside others in their respective spiritual paths.

Looking ahead, Rev. Wells eagerly anticipates her upcoming ordination in Jackson, where she will serve at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Ridgeland, Mississippi.

Rev. Wells has said she remains dedicated to honoring God’s appointment and guiding her community with love and compassion.

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