Black-Woman-Owned Tech Company Makes History with World’s First Product Designed to Charge 3 Devices at Once

by Xara Aziz
SOURCE: Sparkee

We’re sure one of these scenarios has happened to you. You’re trying to locate a friend in a crowded place, you’re in the middle of an important phone call or you’re heading to an event and need GPS to get there, when all of a sudden your phone battery drops to 1%, then dies.

If you get chills just thinking about it, then fret no more, because a young Black-woman-owned tech company is changing that narrative after officially announcing it has launched the first-ever charging port that allows users to fully power three devices simultaneously.

The Sparkee puck is the world’s first mobile charging puck and base combo allowing users to charge multiple devicesusing NFC and USB-C charging ports. The convenience of the puck enables the device to recharge itself when placed on its base, allowing for two full charges while on the go.

“Our world is becoming more reliant on our tech devices and it’s time to start innovating the charging experience,” founder and creator Kyla Wilkinson told PRNewswire. “I searched unsuccessfully for an aesthetically pleasing product that would charge my mobile devices without taking up too much space, so I decided to create one myself – because consumers shouldn’t have to choose between a creative design and better battery life.”

Ingeniously placed, the USB-C on the Sparkee charging puck enables traditional cord charging and/or multiple devices to be powered concurrently and is the essential device for “digital nomads, remote workers, and daily commuters,” reads a PRNewswire statement. “Sparkee’s innovative design gives users double the power anywhere they go.”

The product works with both iOS and Android devices and “includes a mag-safe battery pack that magnetically attaches to the back of a phone for wire-free charging, plus a plug-in recharging cradle to power the assembly,” and is “Mag-safe compatible for Apple phones and has an additional disc for Android phone cases, making it compatible with any phone brand.”

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