Meet Autumn Yarbrough, The Woman Continuing Her Family Legacy With NU Standard Haircare Venture

by Gee NY
Autumn Yarbrough. Image Credit: @autumn_cby

The driving force behind the fast-growing NU Standard haircare, Autumn Yarbrough, is on a mission to revolutionize the textured hair community while honoring her family’s profound legacy in the industry.

With roots deeply embedded in the Black consciousness, Yarbrough is no stranger to the world of haircare royalty, being the granddaughter of Comer Joseph Cotrell Jr., founder of Pro-Line Hair Products, and the daughter of Renee Cottrell Brown, the creative mind behind the iconic Just For Me relaxer.

In a conversation with Black Enterprise, Yarbrough opened up about the profound influence her family’s journey had on shaping her own entrepreneurial path.

From witnessing the production process of Pro-Line products firsthand to actively participating in the innovative Just For Me campaigns led by her marketing-savvy mother, Yarbrough’s upbringing instilled in her a deep appreciation for the intricacies of the haircare industry.

Now at the helm of NU Standard haircare, Yarbrough is determined to expand her family’s legacy while forging a path uniquely her own.

Her mission is clear: to ensure that the Black and textured hair communities are no longer marginalized but instead placed at the forefront of haircare innovation.

“My purpose is to make sure that the Black community and textured community are no longer left out; are no longer last in line when it comes to hair. I want to continue to push everything to the edge and disrupt the industry in a positive way, really solving a lot of our pain points,” Yarbrough said.

With a keen focus on addressing common pain points within the industry, such as hair loss, breakage, dryness, and the day-to-day demands faced by women, NU Standard represents a new era of haircare excellence.

Central to NU Standard’s approach is a commitment to blending traditional methods with cutting-edge scientific research, resulting in products that not only nourish and strengthen hair but also cater to the diverse needs of its consumers.

From the one-wash bar to the versatile “butter bar” conditioner, NU Standard offers a convenient and effective solution for haircare on the go, all while prioritizing ingredient safety and integrity.

“The innovation of NU Standard is exactly what it means, a new standard in the industry. We focus on how hair really works on the inside then bring the science into it,” Yarbrough expressed.

Talking about her entrepreneurial journey, Yarbrough said embracing failure, and seeing it as a stepping stone towards success kept her going.

Drawing from her own experiences, she advises aspiring entrepreneurs to build a resilient infrastructure capable of weathering any storm, all while maintaining unwavering integrity in both business and life.

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