Social Media Explodes Over Viral Video Of White Cop Berating Group Of Black Women Accused Of Shoplifting In Meijer’s Store

by Gee NY

Social media erupted in outrage after a video went viral, showcasing an incident where a Black woman and her family faced harassment at a Meijer’s department store.

They were harrassed based on suspicion of shoplifting.

Confronted by two police officers who claimed they were on the store’s shoplifting radar, the woman vehemently denied the allegations, stating she not only had never visited the store before but also resided in a different state.

In the video posted on TikTok, a White officer informed the women that they were already on the radar as known shoplifters. The woman, asserting her innocence, stated she lived in Texas and had never been to that Meijer’s. Despite insisting they were shopping, the officer instructed her to leave the store if she wasn’t making a purchase.

The situation escalated as the woman accused the officers and workers of racial profiling. She demanded to speak to the worker who allegedly placed them on the shoplifting list and asked to see the supposed picture that triggered suspicion. The manager later explained that an employee believed the women looked suspicious while checking out clothing.

Watch the video below:

Social media users rallied behind the women, condemning the perceived racial profiling and expressing support for their decision to film the encounter.

Comments on TikTok highlighted the illogical shift from being known shoplifters to suspicious activities, drawing parallels to past lawsuits against major retailers for similar incidents.

Nah they definitely got profiled😂”, someone commented.

Another person said:

“Remember that huge lawsuit against walmart for doing the exact same thing.”

“On the radar is insane,” someone chipped in.

“On the radar? Yea let’s go head and go to court,” another commentator advised the group of Black women.

In 2022, a Black man named Michael Mangum was awarded $4.4 million in damages from Walmart in a racial profiling lawsuit.

Speculation arose about a potential federal complaint and the officer facing consequences for his actions. The incident reignited discussions about the persistent issue of racial profiling in retail establishments.

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