Cardi B To Sue Company For Using AI To Feature Her Voice In Ad Without Permission – “I Love Easy Money”

by Grace Somes
Cardi B || @iamcardib

Cardi B is ready to hit hard and make some cool cash after the company uses her voice without consent!

The 29-year-old rapper shared plans to sue after a ‘stimulus-style program’ ad used AI to generate her voice in their digital commercial.

On Wednesday morning, the ‘bogus’ ad went viral on social media platform X.

The video was promoted by a social media account named USA Wellness Wave, which claims it plans to “help Americans get back on their feet.”

“Yo, it’s ya girl Cardi, and I’mma show you how to put $16,000 in your pocket right now for free… You don’t even need a job. It’s all part of a stimulus-style program… they’re giving out a health card.” the A.I.-generated voice said in the video.

The “Bongos” rapper shared the video while letting the owners/creators of the ad know that she plans to sue them for money.

“AI is crazy, smh….another lawsuit that fell right on my lap…I love easy money,” Cardi B captioned the video.

It’s unclear whether it’s a text-to-speech voice generator, but the voice in the clip sounded freakishly like Cardi. Watch the video below:

What do you think? Eerily like Cardi B, huh!

This is not the first time Cardi B has found herself in AI-generated fake news.

In August, an alleged Nicki Minaj sympathizer uploaded an AI-generated image and audio alleging that Oset had cheated on his wife, Cardi B.

The false image didn’t sit well with Cardi, who sent an X voice note to the account.

“So you guys are going to receive a letter from his lawyer because all these little games that you guys want to play online–it’s going to be over with,” she wrote.

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