Cheese or Clear Skin? Empire Star Serayah Says Dairy Could Be Your Acne’s Culprit

by Grace Somes
Serayah || Image credit: @serayah

Empire actress Serayah McNeill has thrown a curveball into our beauty routines, which is turning heads and clearing complexions.

The multi-talented star’s major beauty bombshell has sparked a fiery debate after she boldly claimed that dairy may not be our skin’s best friend.

Serayah recently shared her thoughts on dairy’s potential impact on skin health, leaving fans wondering if it’s time to ditch the cheese for clearer complexions. Although some people swear by an intense skincare routine, Serayah advises a more dietary approach.

The model detailed how she had to take the drastic decision because her gut health was all messed up.

“I stopped taking dairy, and here’s why,” Serayah began. “Five years ago, I figured I should probably cut out a lot of caffeine, and I should probably cut out cheese. Like anybody watching this video, that was very hard to hear. Because, what, no cheese? But I thought to myself, my stomach has been hurting, and I cannot use the restroom, so that meant more to me than a slice of pizza or grilled cheese or lasagna.”

Serayah continued. “So I committed. I stopped eating cheese and only drank almond milk. The cheese part was hard, I’m not going to lie. But I noticed that my stomach stopped hurting because I was able to have a consistent flow, and my skin cleared up.”  

“So that’s the catch. My skin cleared up while giving up dairy.”

The link between dairy products and acne has been investigated previously. Research has indicated a connection between milk consumption and breakouts; theories have pointed to milk hormones or the fact that dairy products can occasionally cause inflammation.

According to Serayah, a beauty routine is also essential to clear your outside while your diet takes care of your insides.

“I definitely have a routine and a lot of products that I swear by, but I can say that clearing up certain things like cholesterol and dairy in your diet—you could be not allergic but food sensitive—might help you, so look into that with your doctor.

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