Police Chief Suspended After Making Discriminatory Remarks Against Black And Hispanic Female Officers

by Gee NY

The Atlanta VA Medical Center is embroiled in controversy after the suspension of its police commander, who was captured on tape making discriminatory remarks against Black and Hispanic female officers.

Fox 5 obtained audio from a September 13th, 2023 staff meeting where the now-suspended commander, who is Black, expressed her reluctance to hire Black or Hispanic women, citing concerns about their attitude.

In the recording, the commander, identified as Chief Banks, stated:

“I am to the point… I don’t want to hire black women no more.”

She further remarked that she wouldn’t want Hispanic women either, claiming they:

“come with a whole lot of attitude.”

The comments drew swift condemnation, with a VA spokesman denouncing them as unacceptable, stating that racism and discrimination have no place in the organization.

Chief Banks, who took charge of the Atlanta VA Medical Center Police Department in late 2022, was suspended with pay last month along with two other top commanders due to what the VA termed as “unacceptable behavior” within the department.

This behavior included allegations of sexual assault and harassment.

The suspension of Chief Banks follows a history of complaints within the department, including accusations of favoritism and sexism.

Previous incidents involved a male deputy chief, Chief McCullor, who was accused of sexual misconduct by officer Shaneka Jackson, and another Black female officer who filed a handwritten complaint against McCullor for alleged threats.

Despite repeated requests, Chief Banks has not responded to the allegations.


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