Noir Forever: Dance Music Label That Focuses On Black Female And LGBTQ+ Artists Launched

by Gee NY

Aluna, a prominent advocate for the representation of Black artists in the dance world, has taken a significant step by launching her own label, Noir Fever, this week.

In collaboration with Empire, Noir Fever is set to be a platform dedicated to showcasing dance music created by Black artists, with a specific emphasis on Black women and LGBTQ+ artists.

The decision to establish Noir Fever stems from Aluna’s commitment to sustainable and impactful change in the future of Black dance music, as expressed in her open letter to the dance music industry in 2020.

Aluna highlighted the importance of investing in the recording side to nurture emerging talent, with a particular focus on uplifting Black women and the queer community.

In a statement, Aluna made the following comments:

“This label will work in tandem with my events company so that those who I am opening doors for are not simply walking into another closed door. I’m trying to create a path, not an opportunity to slip through a crack.”

According to a report by Billboard, Noir Fever’s inaugural release is “Pain & Pleasure,” a vibrant track by Moonshine, a Montreal collective of musicians, DJs, dancers, and visual artists. The song features contributions from the Juno Award-nominated Somali-Canadian artist Amaal Nuux, Portuguese-Angolese artist Vanyfox, and Aluna herself.

Deron Delgado, EMPIRE Dance’s Director of Operations/A&R, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating:

“Our shared values and objectives align seamlessly, making this collaboration a natural synergy that promises to elevate music, events, and art to a broader global audience.”

The launch of Noir Fever follows the release of Aluna’s second solo album, MYCELiUM, in July via Mad Decent. The label represents another significant step in Aluna’s ongoing efforts to champion diversity and inclusion in the music industry.

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