Deiondra Sanders To Her Name Baby After Herself, Not Baby Daddy Jacquees

by Grace Somes
Deiondra Sanders and Jacquees || Image credit: @deiondrasanders

Last February, Jacquees’s ex-girlfriend accused him of pursuing a relationship with her despite his relationship with Deiondra Sanders.

In a heartwarming Instagram post on Friday, Deiondra Sanders, the 31-year-old daughter of the couple, joyfully announced her first pregnancy with her partner, Jacquees. The R&B musician also shared the happy news on his own Instagram post on Saturday, featuring a tender photo of him kissing Deiondra’s belly.

Sanders and Jacques appear to be doing fairly well, judging by their online posts, even though the R&B singer’s ex Dreezy’s claims of allegedly asking to have a child with her came just a month before Sander’s announced her pregnancy.

They did, however, recently have a minor argument over the name of their unborn child.

The eldest child of sports legend Deion “Prime Time” Sanders, Deiondra Sanders, stated that her child born outside of marriage would also bear her last name unless they are married.

In a new clip, Jacquees declares that if their child is a boy, he’ll be named after his father. Immediately, Sanders made it clear that she was not on board.

“I’m not agreeing to that,” the mother-to-be said. “I’m sorry. It technically can’t be a Jr.”

But Jacquees wouldn’t back down, insisting it could be if they wanted it to, “It can be technically it can.”

“But Sanders-Broadnax is not a Jr,” Sanders calmly explained. Jacquees suggested that if their child’s last name was his, Broadnax, then the child could be Jr.

Wait, that’s not going to happen because we’re not married. So my last name is going to go well,” Sanders ended the debate.

Soon after the video hit the waves, the internet went crazy over her decision not to name her firstborn son after his father.
Fans quickly connected her decision to her desire for her son to share in the strength that her father’s family has given her and her four siblings—sisters and brothers—forever.

Deiondra Sanders responded to the criticism right away. She took to social media to set the record straight, emphasizing that her remarks were never intended to make the “B.E.D.” singer feel bad about himself or to diminish his influence over their child.

“Yall really be trying it lol,” she wrote in the comments section.

“I SAID my last name will be going in our child’s name because I am not married and still use my last name,” she continued. “Que has worked very hard for their legacy, and of course, his son will also have his last name.”

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