This Mom Says TikTok Caused Drastic Changes In Her Once Vibrant Daughter’s Behavior And Now Wants To Sue

by Gee NY
Lakeeta B. and her daughter. (Photo courtesy of Lakeeta B.)

In Washington, D.C., Lakeeta B., a mother of two, is sharing her distressing journey of witnessing her daughter’s drastic change in behavior, attributing it to the popular social media app TikTok.

Lakeeta recalls her daughter’s once vibrant personality shifting, with TikTok becoming a dominant presence in her life. What began as innocent scrolling gradually took a dark turn, revealing posts hinting at suicidal thoughts and showcasing concerning images of substance use.

For Lakeeta, the revelation was alarming, shedding light on the profound influence social media platforms wield over young minds.

“You think that you’re as tuned in as you possibly can, but then you learn that the outside world has a bigger influence on children,” she expressed in a story published by Atlanta Black Star.

Lakeeta’s concerns echo nationwide, with Kelvin Goode, founder of consumer justice platform ClaimsHero, highlighting TikTok’s unique dangers.

Unlike other platforms where users predominantly view content from accounts they follow, TikTok’s algorithm indiscriminately pushes content to all users, including minors.

Studies have linked excessive TikTok usage to various mental health issues among teenagers, including depression, body dysmorphia, and self-harm. Despite TikTok’s claims of fostering a positive community and implementing safety measures, parents remain skeptical.

Legal action against TikTok has surged, with multiple states and school districts pursuing lawsuits over the platform’s alleged role in exacerbating youth mental health crises.

A multistate investigation seeks to hold TikTok accountable for potentially violating consumer protection laws.

For parents like Lakeeta, seeking justice is a crucial step in addressing the harm inflicted on their children. With the support of platforms like ClaimsHero, thousands of families are rallying against TikTok’s detrimental effects, demanding accountability from tech giants.

As the legal battle intensifies, mental health experts advise parents to engage in open dialogue with their children, fostering a supportive environment where concerns can be addressed without judgment.

The fight to safeguard youth mental health from the perils of social media continues, with parents at the forefront of the struggle.

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