Tamar Braxton Sheds 20 Pounds with Ozempic As Her Relationship With JR Hits Skid

by Gee NY

Celebrity sensation Tamar Braxton is making headlines once again, this time for her remarkable weight loss journey with the help of the drug Ozempic.

Reports confirmed that the talented singer has shed an impressive 20 pounds since starting the medication, showcasing her dedication to health and wellness.

However, along with her newfound confidence and physical transformation, Tamar’s romantic life seems to have taken a hit.

A source close to the star revealed that Tamar’s weight loss may have indirectly impacted her relationship.

According to Media Take Out, the source close to the Tamar spoke to them on the condition of anonymity.

Tamar had recently reunited with her boyfriend, JR, after a brief split last year.

Fans witnessed the couple’s happiness in January, seemingly back together stronger than ever. However, according to Tamar’s friend, the reconciliation was short-lived due to JR’s alleged jealousy and discomfort.

Check out Tamar’s new figure below:

“JR was jealous that Tamar was on the road all the time. Not jealous of another man, jealous of the time that Tamar dedicated to her career and her fans,” explained the anonymous source. “And it wasn’t just all the time on the road either. I think Tamar’s weight loss gave her new confidence, and JR wasn’t comfortable with it.”

While Tamar navigates through this chapter of her life, focusing on her career and personal growth, JR appears to be grappling with the changes.

His social media activity suggests introspection and spiritual contemplation, hinting at the emotional turmoil following the breakup.

“No matter what you are going through in your life – keep smiling! Keep remembering all the things that you have to be thankful for. Difficult moments are temporary! In those moments is where you have to say to yourself – God is using me to give someone else a blessing and I am faithful!” JR wrote in a post on Instagram.


Fans can only speculate about what the future holds for Tamar’s romantic endeavors. Nevertheless, her dedication to self-improvement and resilience remain an inspiration to many.

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