Doja Cat Unveils ‘Streets’ Video Following Viral TikTok Silhouette Challenge

by Shine My Crown Staff

Doja Cat’s viral has released the haunting visuals to her single “Streets,” following the viral TikTok silhouette challenge‘s success.

In the video, Doja appears as a mannequin in a shop window display under the haze of the challenges’ signature red filter. A taxi driver ogles Doja as Paul Anka’s “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” plays in the background.

As the video continues, after she seduces him, we see Doja as a man-eating spider capturing the taxi driver, played by Kofi Siriboe, in her web.

But it was all just a dream…

Watch the video below:

“Streets,” originally featured on her 2019 album Hot Pink.

The single is not the first time the pop singer has gone viral. Doja’s viral moments have been bittersweet.

Speaking to GQ back in December 2019, she recalled her first-ever viral moment:

“The first time I actually officially went viral was when I put out “Mooo!”. I wasn’t doing bad, but I wasn’t doing very well. When I put “Mooo!” out, it was right before my tour and it jumped everything up so crazy. It just fired off and I was really happy about that,” she told the publication.

“My team was very happy because of my tour that was coming up and it got people interested, but I was more excited for people to just hear my actual music too. I knew that if I put out “Mooo!”, people would be like, “Oh, look, it’s a comedian,” but you can hear the actual musicality in that song. I think it allowed people to be like, “OK, maybe there’s something there,” and they gave my actual music a try. That was, like, one of the best feelings ever, because I had been working for seven years before that.”

Doja Cat, who was recently announced as one of the performers at this year’s Grammy Awards, is up for three awards: Best New Artist, Record of the Year for “Say So,” and Best Pop Solo Performance for “Say So.”

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