Food Heaven Podcast: Body Kindness With Rebecca Scritchfield

by Yah Yah

In this episode of the Food Heaven Podcast, Wendy and Jess interview national nutrition expert Rebecca Scritchfield on the topic of body kindness.

Rebecca is a registered dietitian nutritionist, certified exercise physiologist, author of the book Body Kindness, and host of the Body Kindness podcast. Through her weight-inclusive counseling practice, she helps people make peace with food, find the joy in exercise, and create a better life with workable goals that fit individual interests.

Scritchfield gave up on dieting when she came to the realization that she was miserable in her relationship with food and wasn’t prepared to recommend a diet to herself that she wasn’t prepared to do herself.

“Today’s dieting is even more insidious because it co-opts the perfectly normal and rational desire for better health with crazy extremes like cutting out sugar, gluten, or even beans! (Anyone else think this is crazy?)” – R.S.

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