Beyoncé Is Earning Massive Praise Online After A Scene In The “Renaissance” Movie Where She Corrects Blue Ivy’s Behavior

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Fans online seem impressed by Beyoncé’s parenting style after a scene in her concert film, “Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé,” captures her gently correcting her daughter Blue Ivy’s behavior.

In a cinematic spectacle that took the audience behind the curtain of Beyoncé’s record-breaking Renaissance world tour, the film made its highly-anticipated debut in theaters last night.

The film, written, produced, and directed by the iconic singer, provides an intimate look into the tour’s journey from May to October of this year.

“Renaissance” not only showcases electrifying performances but also offers exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the meticulous show preparations. One notable aspect of the film is the involvement of Beyoncé’s 11-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy.

Blue Ivy made a special appearance onstage during her mom’s performances of “My Power” and “Black Parade,” showcasing her dance moves alongside other talented performers. The mother-daughter duo’s on-stage chemistry added a heartfelt and personal touch to the concert experience.

Beyond the performances, the film captures a candid moment where Blue Ivy actively participates in the show’s planning.

In a scene where Beyoncé discusses the setlist with her team, Blue Ivy passionately expresses her opinion, particularly objecting to the removal of the song “Diva” to shorten the show.

Beyoncé, in a moment that resonated with viewers, gently acknowledges Blue’s feelings but also emphasizes the importance of expressing opinions with softness. The clip of this interaction quickly went viral on social media, with many praising Beyoncé’s parenting approach.

“This is gentle parenting,” one social media user commented, highlighting the effectiveness of acknowledging a child’s feelings while setting clear boundaries.

Others praised Beyoncé’s ability to balance firmness with understanding, stating:

“Beyonce gave a great example of parenting. She told her child to stay in a child’s place but still acknowledged her enthusiasm and used her opinion. I love seeing Beyonce be a mom.”

The viral clip showcased the intersection of celebrity parenting and relatability, with one person humorously noting:

“Beyoncé is an elder millennial raised by Boomers. It’s giving gentle parenting with a dash of ‘don’t play with me.'”

As “Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé” continues to grace theaters, audiences are not only treated to an unforgettable concert experience but also a glimpse into the genuine and endearing moments shared between Beyoncé and her daughter.

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