Former Miss Black America, Queen Sharmell, Inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2022

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Queen Sharmell will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame’s Class of 2022.

The former “Miss Black America,” will be enshrined during the 2022 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony as part of WrestleMania Week on Friday, April 1, at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Complex announced.

“I always feel a sense of responsibility, and I carry that with me everywhere,” Sharmell, the wife of wrestling legend Booker T told Complex. “Who am I not to succeed after everything my ancestors have been through? I’m always trying to carry myself as a person who is respected.” 

Sharmell started her career with the WCW. She was named Miss Black America in 1990 and then became a member of The Nitro Girls under the name of Storm before changing her ring name to Paisley. In 2001, she joined The Suicide Blondes as Sister Sharmell and became a backstage interviewer.

“I’m so excited because I would like to think maybe by doing the best we could, being professional, always showing up, entertaining the crowd. That maybe in some small way we paved the way for this moment here,” she said of her illustrious career to Wrestling Inc in October. “We really are in a diversity and inclusion moment. I’m so happy it’s here. I literally was in tears watching Bobby [Lahsley] win the title and Bianca Belair, who is absolutely phenomenal.”

Her husband, Booker T, gushed to  PWInsider about his wife’s upcoming induction:

“Man I tell people all the time, Sharmell has definitely been underrated for what she’s done in the business, for the business. I tell people all the time there would have never been a King Booker run if it wasn’t for Shamell – that thing was created around her. My career was definitely furthered with Sharmell by my side. I don’t think we would have ever seen that character if it wasn’t for Sharmell, as well as you know, the small things that one does for this business. We have Reality Of Wrestling – we’re definitely thinking about the next generation of professional wrestling. Definitely, I think she’s worthy of being in the Hall of Fame, plus she’s my queen.”

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