Gilbert Arenas Claims Amanda Seales Can’t Find A Husband At 42 Because She’s ‘Too Educated’

by Grace Somes
Gilbert Arenas and Amanda Seales || Image credit: @no.chill.gill @amandaseales

Gilbert Arenas explains why he thinks 42-year-old Amanda Seales is unmarried and clarifies that some men might view her educational background negatively. 

The podcaster shared his theory with Shannon Sharpe and Ochocinco while criticizing Amanda Seales for looking “down on men who aren’t as educated as her.”

The conversation started with Shannon Sharpe reflecting on his infamous interview with Amanda Seales. Despite the latter calling him out on “interrogating her” at the Club Shay Shay podcast, he listed her good qualities.

“I have no problem with Amanda Seales. She was great. She’s very funny. And I do believe that some of the people have done her wrong,” Shannon Sharpe began. So I was excited to have her. She was great. She taught me a lot of things. Oh, she’s highly educated. She’s really versed. She can sing. She’s a comedian. She’s a writer.”

Halfway through, he was interrupted by Ochocinco, who wanted to know if Seales was married.

“Is she married? I mean, I’m listening to you list all the qualities that she has, and I’m just curious if she was married because that sounds like a great catch for someone,” Ochocinco asked. 

Before Shannon could reply, Gilbert Arenas chipped in his theory about why Amanda Seales is unmarried at her age

“Now, that sounds like some flaws. That sounds like some flaws to me. Because as educated as she is just a standard of the man that she is looking for. If he’s not on the same educational level as her, she’s gonna look down on him, and if they are more educated than her, then they are talking down on her.” 

Gilbert Arenas added, “These are the type of women that would typically be single because they can’t find an equal partner to who they are.”

Shannon Sharpe also pointed out the kind of man he believes Seales would go in for

“She wants someone that’s versed. She wants someone who is inquisitive. She wants someone who wants to travel.”

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