Glued or Glueless Wigs- Which One Would Your Edges Thank You For?

by Grace Somes
Glue and glueless wig instal. Image credit: Dola Hair

Wearing a wig may be fashionable, fun, and liberating and comes with many benefits, including reducing breakage, retaining length, and allowing new growth to thrive. 

Wigs are low-manipulation protected styles many women of colour use to manage and maintain their luxurious, coily crowns. 

But for some, wigs have not been so kind to their fragile edges, which have been sacrificed on the altar of convenience and versatility.

Are you tired of sacrificing your edges for the perfect wig? Let’s talk about glued versus glueless wigs and find out which will leave your hairline thanking you!

What is the difference between glued and glueless wigs?

Some people prefer to fix their wigs using adhesive to keep them from falling off their heads. This type of application method for a hairpiece is called glued wigs. 

Glueless wigs are fastened onto the head using adjustable back straps, combs (frontal or side), and stretchable lace clippers (usually behind the ears).

Now, before you go ahead and make your pick, let’s break down the pros and cons of both options.

Glued Wigs:

  • These wigs provide a more secure hold since the glue bonds the lace to your scalp
  • Glued wigs also give a more realistic natural-seamless finish.  
  • The bond between these wigs and scalps is insane. Glued wigs can stay in their place for a long time.

Glueless Wigs:

  • Quick to fix. These wigs are easy to put on and take off without the hassle of dissolving an adhesive. 
  • No glue means no messy residue that could clog up your lace hairpiece. 
  • Most importantly, glueless wigs protect your natural hairline. The absence of adhesive eliminates potential damage to your edges. 

At the end of the day, your edges will thank you for choosing glueless wigs. Yet, the choice depends on your style and the situation. Glued wigs are also suitable when you don’t want the wig to shift. But if you go for glued wigs, use gentle, allergy-free adhesive. Also, follow proper maintenance when applying and removing the wig to minimize potential damage to your hairline.

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