‘Why I Decided to Relax My Natural Hair’: Women Share Reasons Why They Decided To Flip The Script

by Gee NY
Quonna Leshae (L) and Courtney Ayanna. Image Credit: BeautyCon

In a surprising shift away from the natural hair movement that has dominated beauty culture in recent years, more women are embracing relaxed hairstyles, challenging traditional notions of beauty and self-expression.

With a growing desire for convenience and versatility, many women are opting for straighter styling options, sparking a renewed interest in relaxers and chemical treatments.

For Black women, hair has always been central to identity, reflecting personal style and cultural heritage.

However, as the natural hair movement gained momentum, promoting the beauty of unaltered textured hair, some women began to question whether those same values still resonated with their lifestyle and preferences.


Quonna Leshae, a makeup artist, shares her journey from natural to relaxed hair with BeautyCon, citing the time and effort required to maintain her natural curls as a driving factor in her decision.

“Life is busy, and I have more responsibilities than before,” she explains. “Taking the extra time to care for my hair became an annoying chore.”

Similarly, photographer Courtney Ayanna recalls her transition back to relaxed hair, driven by a desire for convenience and manageability.

“I was over it,” she admits. “The 2 plus hour wash days just to walk outside and have the humidity ruin all my hard work for me.”

Despite initial concerns about potential damage and breakage, both women found empowerment in embracing their chosen hair styles, rejecting societal expectations and embracing their own definitions of beauty.

Their stories reflect a broader shift in attitudes towards hair care and self-expression, encouraging women to prioritize their own comfort and happiness above external expectations.

As the natural hair movement continues to evolve, women are reclaiming their right to wear their hair however they please, free from judgment or guilt.

As Quonna and Courtney embark on their relaxed hair journeys, they share their favorite products and routines, offering inspiration and encouragement to others considering a similar path.

With an emphasis on moisture and protection, they emphasize the importance of caring for their hair and embracing their unique beauty.

In a world where hair is often seen as a symbol of identity and self-expression, these women are rewriting the script, challenging norms and celebrating their individuality with every strand.

Whether natural or relaxed, curly or straight, their stories remind us that beauty comes in many forms, and the most important thing is to embrace what makes you feel confident and empowered.

This story was culled from an article by BeautyCon.Com

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