Heat-free Hair Care: The 5 Best Black-Owned Products for Naturals

by Danielle Bennett
Image Credit: BigStock

When it comes to textured hair, there is a delicate balance between its styling and care

As we know, hot tools can be damaging. Their excessive use leads to ruined curl patterns, dryness, split ends and premature color fade.

Allowing our locs a little breather in between styling sessions is always a healthy choice. In fact, a hair respite is the perfect time to give heatless drying a try.

Heat-free styling is all about being kind to your hair. Choosing the right products and adopting safe air-drying methods resuscitates lifeless strands, amps up curls and locks in moisture.  

So, step away from the curling wands and flat irons for a little while. Ahead are five of the best products to help you achieve just that. 

1. Alikay Lemongrass Super Twisting Butter

$16 at alikaynaturals.com

The ideal go-to product, it doesn’t flake, build up or clogs pores.

2. Shedavi Crowned Wash & Go Styling Gel

$21 at shedavi.com

One of the most common concerns about going heatless is the possibility of excess frizz. Shedavi’s version delivers smooth, well-defined curls.

3. Mixed Chicks Coil Kink & Curl Styling Cream

$16 at walmart.com

Summer is fast approaching and no one wants to waste precious vacation time blow drying and flat ironing their hair, especially when their days are spent at the beach or at a pool. This travel-friendly confection assists in moisture retention and easy curl shaping.

4. Mielle Pomegranate and Honey Twisting Souffle

$13 at mielleorganics.com

A light-weight soufflé, it provides semi-deep conditioning, to protect and moisturize the tightest curls and coils.

5. tgin Twist & Define Curl Cream

$12 at bedbathandbeyond.com

Enriched with coconut and Vitamin E oils, enjoy smooth, well-defined styles with lasting definition.

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