Stacey Abrams Weighs in on Georgia’s Restrictive Abortion Bill: ‘My Intention is to Protect the Women of Georgia’

by Shine My Crown Staff
Stacey Abrams
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Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is still running against Gov. Brian Kemp unopposed.

On Friday, Abrams sat down for an interview where she spoke candidly about her race for governor and the looming overturning of Roe v. Wade and Georgia’s restrictive six-week “heartbeat” abortion law.

“As governor, my intention is to protect the women of Georgia, protect their right to choose, and that means protecting their ability to plan for their families,” Abrams said. 

“We know that the governor of Georgia in 2019 passed one of the strictest laws in the nation, that essentially bans abortion at six weeks — it’s a forced pregnancy law, and I’m gonna work as governor to roll back any of those laws.”

“But I also promise that I will veto any of the new laws that we hear Republicans talking about — laws that would criminalize abortion, laws that would put women in prison and their doctors in there with them,” she added. “Georgia should be a safe place for women, it should be a place where the right to reproductive health is sacrosanct and I intend to be a governor to make that so.”

In December, Abrams announced that she would be facing off against Gov. Brian Kemp.

Kemp won by about 55,000 votes in 2018 amid claims of voter suppression. In response, Abrams launched Fair Fight, a voting rights advocacy group, and sued Georgia election officials, citing gross mismanagement of the process and voter suppression.

Abrams will be taking Kemp on in the May 24 Democratic primary.

“As governor I would not lie to our children, which is what the (critical race theory) ban legislation will do. It is authorizing lying to our children about our past and about their future. I would not ostracize our children, use them as political ploys to win elections,” she told the news outlet.

“I would not expand access to guns and say that criminal carry (the new no-permit “constitutional carry” gun law) is now the law of Georgia — when law enforcement says it’s a bad idea, we should listen. I would listen to our law enforcement, I would listen to our communities, I would listen to our families and I would care about all Georgians. The problem is Brian Kemp just doesn’t care — and if he doesn’t care about Georgia, we need a leader who does and that will be Stacey Abrams as the next leader of the state.”

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