Internet Buzz: Angel Reese’s Striking Resemblance To Lauren Lapkus From “The Wrong Missy” – Do You See It?

by Grace Somes
Angel Reese and Lauren Lapkus || Image credit: @laurenlapkus @angelreese5

Social media users are pointing out Angel Reese and Lauren Lapkus’ striking similarities.

A comparison that has set the internet ablaze is the one between LSU’s basketball sensation, Angel Reese, and the actress who charmed her way into our hearts in ‘The Wrong Missy, ‘Lauren Lapkus.

The culture of celebrity lookalikes has always been intriguing. And honestly, doppelgängers are one of nature’s mysteries; they are unavoidable.

Angel Reese has accomplished a lifetime of goals in just six weeks. The former LSU standout concluded her incredible college career, entered the WNBA Draft through Vogue, selected the Chicago Sky with the seventh overall pick, attended the 2024 Met Gala, received encouragement from Latto, who sat courtside for Reese’s debut game on May 15, and helped the team win its opening game on May 18 after featuring in Latto’s “Put In Da Floor Again” video with Cardi B after her junior season at LSU.

She has also appeared in an NBA Finals commercial, pulled Latto up to a game, dropped a new jeans ad with Good American, and attended the Met Gala. WOOH.

Once again, Angel Reese is making headlines outside of her impressive performance on the court.

Everything began with an uncomplicated tweet that went viral very fast. “Is it just me, or does Angel Reese look exactly like Lauren Lapkus from ‘The Wrong Missy’?” a fan wrote in the caption of a photo that showed Angel Reese and Lauren Lapkus side by side.

Thousands of people liked, retweeted, and commented on the tweet, demonstrating the similarity’s prominence. The response has ranged from shock to laughter. Some fans find the resemblance unbelievable, while others find the playful comparison amusing.

“There’s a resemblance, so let’s not 😂😂,” a fan commented.

“She does lowkey, lol. It’s not a bad thing, tho. Lauren Lapkus is not only pretty, but she’s funny af & a great actress ❤️,” another added.

Another said, “They do look alike. Why ya mad?”

We can only hope Reese and Lapkus join the fun, as the internet is still exciting.

Do you see the similarity now? Share your thoughts with us!

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