Jamaica’s Reggae Girlz Sent Home After Colombia Wins 1-0 in World Cup Tournament

by Xara Aziz
Twitter @theshift_sports

Jamaica’s Reggae Girlz’s mission to reach the Women’s World Cup finals has come to an end.

Colombia defeated Jamaica in a 1-0 win, leaving the Jamaican team to concede with only one goal during their first appearance in the global tournament.

Colombia will now face England in Sydney Saturday to clinch a spot in the semi-finals.

In an interview with the Jamaica Gleaner, defensive sister duo, Allyson and Chantelle Swaby spoke about how they were able to make it so far in the World Cup after years of hard work and sacrifice.

“I think in 2019 we came in with a lot of new players, especially even for me, my first time with the team was in 2018,” Swaby said. “Since then we have been able together for three years; after that we’ve been able to play games, and kind of rotate the same pool of players.

She continued: “I think the level has also increased with the players now in the team. I think that based on the experience of being together since the previous World Cup has definitely helped our defense.”

On Wednesday,  Shine My Crown reported the women’s Jamaica team made history by clinching a spot in the knockouts for the first time.

At the time of the report, the Reggae Girlz led over Brazil after a last-16 thrill, causing the South American team to falter early. France beating Panama 6-3 sent Brazil home, leading Jamaica to the knockouts.

Following the news, the Reggae Girlz manager said that the knockout round qualification is “one of the best feelings I’ve had in my life.” The Jamaican team reached the knockout stage after Brazil’s team manager called it “war.” The other Group F game between France and Panama led Jamaica as the runner-up who will face Group H in the next round.

It is also noted that Brazilian striker Marta, 37, has officially ended her soccer journey after playing in her final World Cup. She is considered one of the greatest footballers of all time and stunned fans after her team came to a 0-0 draw in the team’s final group-stage match.

CNN also reports that France overcame any potential setbacks as it snatched a win against Panama during the last 16. France beat Panama 6-3.

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