Jaguar Wright Blames YouTuber Tasha K After Her Arrest For Property Theft, Released On $10,000 Bond

by Gee NY
Jaguar Wright and Tasha K (insert)

Controversial singer Jaguar Wright was arrested in Dallas on June 6 for property theft between $30,000 and $150,000, now she’s pointing fingers at YouTuber Tasha K.

Wright was taken into custody over an outstanding warrant related to an unreturned U-Haul truck, according to reports. Wright was released the following day after posting a $10,000 bond.

In a recent online interview on the Sean Davie Way show, Wright denied the charges and claimed:

“Whatever they’re saying it is, it’s not. They can’t hold me, there’s no charge.”

She suggested that her arrest was linked to her outspoken and controversial interviews.

Baller Alert reported that Wright pointed fingers at YouTuber Tasha K, accusing her of being involved in the arrest.

However, Tasha K refuted these claims, stating:

“Jaguar is always looking for someone to blame. I had nothing to do with her not returning that U-Haul. She needs to take responsibility for her actions instead of trying to drag others down with her.”

Tasha K also mentioned Wright’s mental health, calling her “a real-life schizophrenic” and asserting that her family is aware of her condition.

The allegations against Wright are part of a pattern of controversial incidents involving the singer.

Earlier this year, she made headlines when she was arrested after a domestic dispute, during which she allegedly threw her late son’s ashes out of a car window.

Wright has previously attracted attention with explosive claims against high-profile figures such as Diddy, Jay-Z, and Common.

Her latest arrest continues to fuel public and media fascination with her tumultuous personal life and outspoken public persona.

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