Brissa Romero: Fear As 17-Year-Girl Mysteriously Goes Missing After Attending A Holiday Party

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The Carpentersville Police Department is urgently seeking information from the public to help locate 17-year-old Brissa Romero, who mysteriously vanished after attending a holiday party at the Bowlero in Vernon Hills on Monday, December 4.

Romero, a Harper College student who graduated from Barrington High School a year early, was last seen near the popular Bowlero bowling alley located near Hawthorn Mall.

The desperate search for the missing teen has prompted her family to collaborate closely with law enforcement.

According to police reports, Brissa Romero was captured on surveillance footage arriving at a cousin’s house in Des Plaines on Monday night before heading to the holiday gathering around 7 p.m.

According to the Daily Herald, investigators are facing a perplexing situation as cameras at the Bowlero do not show her at the party.

“We don’t even know if she even made it to the party or what happened,” said Jocelyn Rubi Romero, Brissa’s sister. The family is troubled and desperate for her safe return.

Romero is described as a 5 ft. tall individual weighing approximately 115 lbs., with brown hair and brown eyes. She drives a 2008 Nissan Rogue with Illinois license plate CZ64618.

“God forbid someone took her, but if they did, please, please don’t do anything to her,” pleaded Jocelyn Rubi Romero, expressing the family’s anguish.

Image Credit: Daily Herald

The police have been utilizing various resources, including a car license plate reader and location data from one of Brissa’s devices, to trace her movements. Despite these efforts, the investigation has hit a roadblock, and her family is urging anyone with information to come forward.

“It’s not like Brissa to be out of touch for any period of time. She was very excited about going to that holiday party and about this upcoming Christmas,” mentioned concerned relatives.

Carpentersville Police are encouraging individuals with any information on Brissa Romero’s whereabouts to contact them at 847-551-3481. The community is urged to share any relevant details that could aid in bringing Brissa home safely.

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