K Michelle Doesn’t Believe The Bible’s Message On Homosexuality Because ‘People Are Supposed To Be What They Want’

by Grace Somes
K Michelle || Image credit: @kmichellemusic

“Is it okay for you to kill a person, but it ain’t okay for you to be gay?” K. Michelle asked her audience online.

K. Michelle maintains that homosexuality is not a sin and that the Bible should not be used to judge.

The former “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star K. Michelle has once again ruffled fans’ feathers over another religious perspective. Now, her views on homosexuality are currently trending.

According to the singer, homosexuality is not a sin.

“You’re not supposed to be gay in the Bible, and you’re not supposed to be this or that. I don’t believe it. I don’t believe the Bible says you shouldn’t be gay. I just don’t believe that. So be mad at me. But people are supposed to know what they feel on the inside,” she started during the live broadcast.

“So you gonna tell me that a person that loves somebody and spiritually feels them because they are the same sex. You gonna tell me that that person is going to hell?” she continued. “But you can go and kill a person and take them off the earth and take them from their family and everything.”

K. Michelle expressed her frustration with how churches have ‘demonized’ homosexuality while other sins she considers ‘grave’ receive more leniency.

“But our church is going to tell us that you can kill a person before you can be gay? I’m sorry, but I don’t stand on it. And I don’t believe that.

“So you know the Southern churches are going to tell you, oh no, you can’t be… You can’t take a life either, but guess what? For us to say that our Bible says we can’t be gay, but we can kill. And that’s no sin,” she added.

Despite other persons around here trying to explain how blasphemy is the greatest sin against God, K Michelle was firm in her belief that gays should not be condemned.


“No, it’s not about my church. It’s about the fact that she said no sin is bigger than another. And then you go up in the South, and they preach that you can’t even be yourself.”

11 years ago, K Michelle’s Christian faith was questioned when fans noticed a statue of Buddha surrounded by lit candles in one of her photos.

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