Woman Narrates Terrifying Ordeal As Ferry To Blue Lagoon Island In The Bahamas Sinks, Claiming One Life And Leaving Passengers Traumatized

by Gee NY

A woman took to social media to describe what she says was a horrific experience when a ferry she was traveling on with scores of other people started sinking on its way to Blue Lagoon Island in the Bahamas on Tuesday, Oct. 14.

Narrating the incident on IG with videos, photos and a voice-over, the lady explained that the excursion started as a great relaxation trip but quickly ended up being extremely horrific.

She disclosed that the horrific incident even took the life of one elderly lady, severely injured others and traumatised those who survived unscathed.

“My mother, sister & cuz were on this excursion thank God they survived sum pics could not be shown,” portions of her caption on her IG post reads.

According to her, the accident started about 15 minutes into the trip and shortly after the captain began throwing away some large weights into the water.

“And in return, the waves hit the boat, causing it to tilt into the water. This is when the horror begins,” she narrated.

The Instagram video was posted on Tuesday, November 21, 2023 and has more than 43,500 times.

The narrator said the crew seemed helpless as they ran around unsure how to help anxious passengers afraid of sinking with the boat.

A report by Business Insider on the same incident also stated that tourists on board the sinking boat were screaming and freaking out. However, individuals who were confident they could swim jumped into the water to nearby boats.

“I got on a fisherman’s boat that had nothing to do with it,” Business Insider quoted a passenger in the report. “He was just driving by, saw it out of the corner of his eye, and came back around.”

The Blue Island Lagoon is a popular spot for tourists to swim with dolphins and stingrays and is famous for its clear blue water.

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