From Satin Scarves to Satin-Lined Hoodies: Meet Philomina Kane, the Entrepreneur Behind Kin Apparel’s Viral Trend

by Gee NY
Philomena Kane

One fashion brand recently captured the hearts of many people on social media with its unique blend of style and functionality.

Kin Apparel, known for its satin-lined hoodies, has been making waves on platforms like TikTok, drawing attention to the innovative mind behind the brand, Philomina Kane.

Hailing from The Bronx, New York, with Ghanaian roots, Kane’s journey to entrepreneurship was inspired by her upbringing in a family of skilled hair stylists.

Growing up surrounded by women who mastered the art of natural hair care, Kane herself embraced the natural hair movement during her college years at Princeton.

“After chopping off all my hair and embracing natural hair, I started wearing satin scarves underneath my hoodies during rugby practices,” Kane shared. “That’s when I realized there was a need for satin-lined hoodies to provide protection and care for natural hair.”

Turning her vision into reality, Kane launched Kin Apparel in 2019, driven by her desire to empower women to embrace their natural hair while staying stylish and comfortable. What started as a side hustle soon blossomed into a thriving business venture.

In 2021, Kane’s entrepreneurial journey reached new heights when she appeared on Shark Tank and secured a $100,000 investment deal from British businesswoman Emme Grede.

This milestone was followed by another significant achievement in 2023, as Kane received $75,000 from Pharell’s Black Ambition Program to further expand her business.

But for Kane, Kin Apparel is more than just a clothing brand; it’s a platform to give back to the community. Through collaborations with major brands and initiatives like the Black History Month line, Kane is dedicated to making a positive impact beyond the realm of fashion.

“My goal is to raise $2 million in funding and take Kin Apparel to the next level,” Kane expressed. “It’s about building an actual brand that keeps the community at the forefront.”

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