K Michelle With A Message Ahead Of Her First Official Country Music Release: “In My Space Of Peace”

by Grace Somes
K. Michelle || Image credit: @kmichellemusic

“To have gained so many fans and be respected as one of the top African American Females in this genre I love and have never released my official music is a SCARY HONOR,” K Michelle wrote.

Kimberly Michelle Pate clarified her country-themed song, “Tennessee”, the closing song on her sixth album, was a transitional song as she has yet to show the world “the lifestyle of an outlaw with true receipts.”

Over a decade, K. Michelle launched six studio albums, concluding with her last R&B album, “I’m the Problem,” following an initially slow start to her career.

In a recent Instagram post, The Tennessee native gave fans a preview into her new direction. She uploaded a video of some rehearsals while prepping her following about her incoming song.

“Even my rehearsals like this are a special kinda magic. Stop telling me what I should be doing and where I should be because it seems to me God got me right where I belong yawl. I’m an amazing artist first, and that’s what I’m focused on,” K Michelle captioned the post.

She added that she has a new song in the pipeline, set to be released in a few works.

“In the next two weeks, my musical decision should be made, and I’ll be taking y’all back home to TN down a two-lane road to a lifestyle of an outlaw with true receipts,” K Michelle continued. “It’s almost album time and a singing summer.”

As a part of unveiling her last R&B album in September, the artist, known for her country music persona Puddin, offered a sneak peek of “Tennessee,” an additional country song featured on the album.

The ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star opened up about her move from R&B to country music in March 2023.

The 40-year-old mentioned how she found her way to country music after watching Blanco Brown take country music by storm via viral hit “The Git Up.”

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