The Reason Kerry Washington Started Wearing Her Natural Hair Again

by Yah Yah

Gorgeous actress Kerry Washington has been rocking her natural hair since becoming a mother. In a refreshing interview with lifestyle magazine, Allure, the Scandal actress goes into detail to explain why she chooses not to straighten her hair.

The mother of two (Isabelle, 3, and Caleb, 1) describes her decision to go natural.

“I like to wear my natural texture, especially now because I have children and I want them to know that their hair is perfect as it is,” Washington told Allure for her November cover story. “They don’t have to change it or straighten it. They can, but they don’t have to.”

Kerry Washington’s Allure Magazine cover pretty much broke the internet this week. Her stunning adorned cornrows and natural makeup sending her fans into a frenzy.

It’s been a great week for Washington, who has signed on to Kerry produce the Facebook Original drama, Five Points. A show about five high school students living on the South Side of Chicago before an event occurs which changes their lives forever.

She also Kerry Washington landed the No. 7 spot on the Forbes list for her role on ABC‘s Scandal. Washington reportedly racked up a cool $11 million. Winning!

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