Kim Porter’s Alleged Friend Claims Diddy Forced Late Singer To ‘Lick Cassie’s Tampon’ After Assault Video Surfaces

by Grace Somes
Cassie, Kim Porter, Diddy and Kola Boof || Image credit: @kimporter @kolaboof3 @cassie @diddy

Kola Boof, who claims to have been Kim Porter’s friend before her untimely death, swears Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs assaulted the late singer after a video of Diddy beating Cassie emerged.

After new footage surfaced of Diddy assaulting Cassie in a hotel hallway, one of his ex Kim Porter’s alleged friends has spoken out. 

According to her, Cassie was aware of how Diddy abused Kim Porter

Kola Boof, an Egyptian-Sudanese writer, described her relationship with Porter as follows: they reportedly spoke over the phone and once had dinner.

 “This DIDDY thing is not a surprise, but it makes me remember the horrible way he treated my friend… KIM PORTER… and how I’ve always silently held him responsible for her young death. #RIP KIM. Diddy was a motherf***er. Ya’ll would not even BEGIN to believe the way he treated KIM PORTER,” Boof began her series of expose.

According to the outspoken writer, Cassie (ironically) allowed herself to be used to disrespect Kim in her own home.

“What ya’ll saw in that video of Diddy beating Cassie was NOTHING. Will never forget the time he tried to make Kim Porter lick Cassie’s tampon. Always using Kim’s race as a put-down. You guys don’t know the HALF of what women go through with famous & powerful men. Be they rappers, be they Bin Laden, be they actors — ya’ll have NO IDEA. And you always demonized the women. Always!

“Cassie let herself be flaunted in Kim’s face–LAUGHED at Diddy beating Kim Was awful. I feel bad for CASSIE getting beat up like that. But I still remember when CASSIE allowed herself to be used ‘Racially’ against KIM PORTER as Diddy humiliated, beat & repeat Kim for years. Ya’ll have always hated me for talking ‘Real’ about these men. But they deserve it,” Boof claimed.

She also took time to address comments, trying to discourage her story while pointing out the mystery surrounding Kim Porter’s death.

“DIDDY & KIM PORTER: Did anyone ever watch the movie “Murder In Texas” starring Farrah Fawcett? It’s the TRUE STORY about a Texas socialite who was murdered by her husband — he rushed her to the hospital & they wrote it down as pneumonia. Diddy is extremely wealthy & protected by other powerful men.

“Cassie ended up being treated the same way the women she “Replaced” were treated — at first, she thought it was cute when she was a teen & he was beating on Kim Porter. But later, she *BECAME* Kim. These are FACTS.”

The video of Diddy punching, kicking, and dragging Cassie in a hotel hallway is best described as chilling. 

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