Activist Essie Berry Alleges Decade-Long Campaign Of Criminal Tactics By Steve Harvey, Calls For Federal Investigation

by Gee NY

Activist civil rights activist Essie Berry, widow of Fred “ReRun” Berry, has come forward with serious allegations against comedian and media personality Steve Harvey, accusing him of employing criminal tactics for over a decade.

Berry claims that Harvey has utilized methods such as gang stalking, fraud, collusion, conspiracy, concealment of evidence, discrimination, and retaliation against women. These accusations, according to Berry, have led to the denial of due process for many victims, with records allegedly sealed with claims of fraud, child abuse, and blackmail.

Berry, along with NAACP leaders and Black Panther Party members, is now urging a federal investigation into the conspiracy against her, involving cases in California and McKinney, Texas.

The heart of Berry’s claims revolves around a series of legal maneuvers allegedly orchestrated by Harvey. According to documents presented to Berry by Harvey’s attorney, Bobbie Edmon, eleven judges have purportedly signed an arrest warrant to silence Berry in California.

Berry describes this as “modern-day lynching” and points to Judge Angela Tucker of the 199th Precinct as a key figure in the case. She alleges that Tucker’s district court allowed fraud upon the courts for Harvey over a decade ago. Furthermore, Berry accuses Harvey’s attorney of collusion by continuing to harass her for reporting child abuse, blackmail, and fraud against Harvey.

Steve Harvey

Berry insists that Steve Harvey’s mistreatment of women is a longstanding issue and calls on the public to help stop what she perceives as courtroom corruption against Black women.

Despite a restraining order obtained against Harvey in 2020, Berry claims that he was able to influence Judge Garza in San Bernardino Courts to have the order removed after just six months, allowing him to resume alleged bullying tactics.

In response, Berry and her team of civil rights activists are holding all organizations, sponsors, and networks affiliated with Steve Harvey accountable for his actions.

They assert that Harvey’s celebrity status should not exempt him from facing consequences for alleged crimes and are calling for a collective effort to ensure justice. The time to hold Steve Harvey accountable, they emphasize, is now.

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