LAMBB’s #KinksAndCurls Doc Re-Centers Texturism Within The Natural Hair Movement | @LAMBBOfficial

by Yah Yah

For centuries black hair has been frowned upon and seen as “unprofessional” but in recent years those views have been slowly changing. Today more and more black women are embracing their natural hair rather than chemically altering it and conforming to society’s beauty standards. Even though the natural hair movement has been met with positivity, the movement is also heavily critiqued. Sadly a lot of the negativity comes from our own community.

Particular hair types are more highly favored for many reasons. One reason for this is that any hair type that closest to the Eurocentric beauty standards are more desired than hair types that are Afrocentric. Look At My Black Beauty hopes to change those views with their new documentary titled Kinks and Curls Texture Discrimination in the Natural Hair Community, the documentary tackles the texture discrimination the black community faces daily.

The project–a documentary titledKinks and Curls | Texture Discrimination in the Natural Hair Community–focuses on dispelling ideas that “certain hair products and styles work for only one specific hair type”, and poses as an introduction to a re-imagined, overdue train of thought.”Though progress is undeniable, there’s still much to be done, and with projects like Kinks and Curls | Texture Discrimination in the Natural Hair Community, any natural girl not seeing themselves in the hashtag can refind their voice. 

The documentary aims to help those with 3b-4a hair appreciate it and reclaim what was god given to them. Check out the full documentary below!

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