Cydney Bridges: Checkout The Inspiring Story Of Miss Indiana Lady Who Is Breaking Barriers

by Gee NY

Fort Wayne native, Cydney Bridges, who is not just a pediatric nurse at Riley Children’s Hospital but also the reigning Miss Indiana, is set to represent the state in the 96th edition of the Miss America pageant held in Florida.

After three attempts, Bridges secured the title of Miss Indiana in 2023, an achievement she describes as surreal given her earlier struggles with self-confidence and academic challenges.

“I watched Miss America on TV, but never really had the dream to compete, not because I didn’t want to, but because I didn’t think I could,” she shared.

Despite facing financial hurdles for her college education, Bridges, always aspiring to be a nurse, found a way through scholarships earned during her participation in Miss America.

Winning over $20,000 in scholarships, she expressed immense gratitude, acknowledging the impact on her educational journey.

Her dedication and commitment to empowering young women in Fort Wayne and Indiana earned her recognition from the City of Fort Wayne, receiving a proclamation.

Breaking barriers, Bridges proudly mentioned being the first Hoosier to wear braids on the Miss America stage, symbolizing diversity and challenging traditional beauty standards.

Her colleague at Riley, Kaylee Shirrell, commended Bridges for her positive impact on children at the hospital and her inspiring message of overcoming obstacles.

“She definitely has the ability to impact a lot of lives,” Shirrell said.

Cydney Bridges’s story is an inspiring journey of resilience, breaking barriers, and using her platform to uplift others while pursuing her passion for healthcare and education.

Meanwhile, Madison Marsh, a 22-year-old second lieutenant in the US Air Force and master’s student at the Harvard Kennedy School’s public policy program, emerged victorious at the 2024 Miss America pageant in Orlando, Florida on Sunday night. 

Marsh, representing the state of Colorado, is the first active-duty Air Force officer ever to receive the national title. Ellie Breaux of Texas placed as first-runner-up.

Fifty-one contestants participated in the event, representing all 50 US states, as well as the District of Columbia.

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