Letitia Wright Opens Up About ‘Black Panther’

by Yah Yah

Letitia Wright has proven to be the breakout star of the Black Panther movie. She has previously starred in several major UK television series’, including “Black Mirror,” “Humans” and Channel 4’s “Top Boy.”

She sat down with Good Morning America to speak more about her role as Shuri in Marvel’s Black Panther.

“I feel like we’ve just been living with it for a whole year now,” she told GMA. “And the moment to just release it to the world. It’s out in the UK, and that has been streaming in the feedback and tomorrow it belongs to you guys.”

Her Shuri character already has a line of Gifs available, and people are praising her powerful acting skills.

She spoke to Variety earlier this month about her role.

“On the page, she was really intelligent. She was so far from the stereotypes that we see all the time. She likes science and she’s super cool as well. I really liked the fact that she was smart and different; she can be an inspiration. In the comic books, she becomes a Black Panther. She’s a queen in her own right. It’s just a phenomenal part. A cartoon drawing brought to life.

I met the creator of the character Shuri [writer Reginald Hudlin] at the premiere. He said it was perfect, and I said, ‘I hope I can continue to grow more with Shuri, if that’s where the future takes us with Marvel.’ Shuri’s young now, but when she grows into an adult, she’s kind of savage. She’s one of the coolest leaders in the comic books.”

Watch her Good Morning America appearance below.

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